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Published: 25th November 2009
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One of the most common tattoo design which we can normally see in women is a dragonfly tattoo. But what is so special about this insect? Surely, everyone is well aware that they harmless little creatures which have beautiful, transparent wings. We also know that their body can reflect several colors. But lately, these insects are being combined with several tattoo themes. They can be seen with Asian or even oriental inspired designs. Also, they are blended with tattoos of Native American theme. They can also be mixed along with mystical designs and fantasy art. But is there some meaning behind choosing such design?

Normally, Asian cultures such as China, Vietnam and Japan all have a high respect for the dragonfly. Often, the Japanese see the dragonfly as a symbol of joy or happiness. They also see it as a symbol of courage and strength. While Japan and China use dragonflies for medical purposes, the Vietnamese occasionally uses these insects to aid in forecasting the weather.

With regards to the view of the United States, dragonflies are a symbol of rebirth or a renewal after a great hardship or loss. This is a belief in several Native American cultures. These people also believe that dragonflies hold the souls of people who have died.

The design of a dragonfly has been used in Hopi, Pueblo, and Zuni pottery, jewelry and artwork. To the Navajo tribe, dragonflies represent pure water. Mostly, a dragonfly is being used to symbolize both water and air. This is because these insects begin their life in water and then change into a flying creature when they mature.

Such transformation of a dragonfly from water to air is the reason for the metaphysical or mystical symbolism of the insect. Such qualities make the beautiful insect a symbol of big change. The rising up, achieving of goals, and even death are denoted by our limits which have been self imposed. Often, dragonflies are connected with growing up and maturity. Mythical stories have even referred to such creatures as previous dragons.

Many people believe that dragonflies symbolize quickness, invincibility and agility because of the insect's maneuverability and speed. No matter what culture you go by, there are still several people who have their own individual idea on what a dragonfly tattoo means. Because dragonflies can be inked with any color you like, the designs work well with women and men. Whatever reason you have for choosing the design, you must be proud to be represented by such beautiful creature.

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